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We have recently relaunched our Sponsorships, Grants and Giving Portal. 

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Biogen strives to create opportunities through various funding mechanisms including sponsorships, grants, fellowships and donations.

Sponsorships:Financial contributions provided to eligible organizations in connection with specific events or initiatives in exchange for tangible benefits to Biogen.

Grants:Financial contributions provided to eligible organizations to support specific, time-limited projects or programs with identified objectives, without tangible benefit to Biogen in return.

Fellowships:Funding for training programs created by medical schools, academic medical centers, teaching hospitals, or other healthcare-related organizations to support faculty and visiting scholars to advance their educational and research activities.

Donations:Funding provided to an eligible not-for-profit organization to support its general mission or ongoing charitable efforts, without tangible benefit to Biogen in return.

Note: All requests must be submitted in English